How To Look Great “ when your mood is low


When you get to this point, this is your TRIGGER to slowly start to work on your self. Think of it as a daily PROJECT. Make self care part of your daily routine.


  1. It gives you something to do, as you know when you are low it’s hard to do anything.
  2. Each day work on a part of you actual body, may be start on your feet, give yourself a foot soak and a mini pedicure. Then work up your body, massage you entire skin with a body cream or oil. Do this when ever you can, everyday if possible. and massage the skin on your face and neck with a cream or oil
  3. Even if you feel pants and have no energy, YOU MUST, repeat your new routine daily.


  1. Creating a new POSITIVE routine actually CHANGES your neural pathways in your brain. If you keep repeating your POSITIVE new routine your mood will change and lift.
  2. Your out look will be more positive.

To sum up:

  1. Working on your body with a SELF LOVING ATTITUDE will slowly make you FEEL & LOOK more BEAUTIFUL. It can be hard but you MUST MUST not give up!
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