Inner Strength

How to re-connect with your inner strength.

Inner strength is part of your natural survival instinct. You are born with it. But sometimes you lose hold of it, through stress, illness, being bullied, being put down, being criticised etc.

How to get it Back

  1. It never leaves you, you just can’t grab hold of it.
  2. It takes a strong and determined mind set to push away all the negative rubbish that you feel surrounds, and Is in fact NOT your reality, it only feels like it is.
  3. You are actually as strong and vital as you where in your mothers womb. This is when you were at your most clean and pure and YOU. Then life came along and your pure strength becomes drained and zapped and squashed from your present reality.
  4. One trick I leant to do, to help regain my strength, is to pretend I was the only person on this. There is no one to influence you in a negative way, hey you are the only person upon this rock ..Yay! I can be me! I can do what I want! I am free!

To sum up

Practise and visualise the above, ALL the time, or when ever you get a moment. Let go of mental and physical pain into the nothing that surrounds you. Remember, you are what you think, let it go, let it go, let it go……..into the void that is around you all the time.

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