How to minimise the feelings of loss

The beautiful thing about loss is is that it shows you how much you loved that person, pet or indeed a situation.

Look at loss in a positive way

  1. It is a natural emotion that shows your love
  2. Use this love to help you soften that empty void.
  3. Remember the love you had for the person or what ever has left you.
  4. Write down all the things that you loved about the person or situation.
  5. Allow yourself to love your self, this will help fill the void.
  6. keep warm,
  7. Nest under a soft cosy duvet.
  8. Listen to soul full music.
  9. Allow yourself to cry
  10. Allow any emotions to flow forth

To sum up

Remember that the feelings of loss shows the love you feel, so really try feel that love.

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