Go Slow

Its vital to slow your life down

This will help all areas of you life to become more balanced and improve your stress levels and your over all health, well being and relationships.


  1. Life can pass you by so quickly when you are continually in your head. Most of the time we lose the focus of what our mind and body really needs. Some times it takes a life crises to make you STOP.
  2. This is when you have to re-evaluate your life.
  3. Take time to slowly look at each area and see how you can rebalance the different areas.
  4. Many of us have lost the plot and run around like headless chickens juggling all areas, then often collapse through stress which we don’t even know we are suffering from. You may just continue with a low mood.

Go slow

  1. Slowing your life down can be scary, as it can reveal emotions, feelings and situations you don’t want to think about or deal with. So we keep running.

How to go slow

  1. Write a list of all the things you do on a daily basis for one week.
  2. Then force yourself to make time during your daily routine where you create a space for just you. Go for a walk, smell the flowers, absorb nature into your being. Learn to paint, or do craft or take a walk, any new hobby is great to get involved in. It’s vital to reduce your heart beat and calm your adrenals down. Most of us live in “flight and fight’ mode which stimulates high levels of adrenalin and cortisol in the body, both of these chemicals have a negative effect on the body, exhaustion and premature ageing.
  3. Practice doing everything more slowly, focus on what you are doing, be mindful about each situation.
  4. Slow down your breathing, pause, and make a small pause space between each action throughout the day.
  5. Collect your thoughts and focus on what you have just done.
  6. When you are racing around you are like a humming bird, your wings are flapping so fast, and you heart beat is racing. The faster your heart beat is (like a humming bird) the potential of illness, and a shorter life may affect you.
  7. Learn to be mindful about your actions, think about what you are doing or want to achieve in a slow focused way.
  8. Join the SLOW REVOLUTION and live a more meaning full life


Take a step back, look at each area of your life and see how you can, slow each action down. Really focus on what you are doing, make each action like a separate project. Give your self more space between each activity you do and breathe slowly during your actions, give your self time and space to thing and just ‘be’.

  1. Life its about quality over quantity.
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