Look After Yourself This Winter

The importance of looking after yourself this winter


  1. During winter our bodies rhythms slow down, and go into hibernation modes so we feel sluggish.
  2. The lack of light can lead to a more depressive state of mind.
  3. We eat more, and not always the good stuff, so we tend to put on weight.
  4. We have less money
  5. We wear sloppy clothes.


  1. It’s vital to keep exercising. It’s so easy when the nights close in to simply, become a couch potato!. Do NOT become a couch potato. This will lower your mood even more and slow down your metabolic rate encouraging the pounds to pile on. You really need to push your self to do the exercise you love, even if its going for a walk. Nordic walking sticks { nordicwalking.co.uk} can boost your fitness and weigh loss. Much cheaper than going to the Gym.
  2. Go outside as much as you can, your body needs proper light to keep your mood balanced. The sun helps balance you Vit D levels
  3. Or get a day light light for SAD if you work indoors, or suffer from depression reviews.kainero.com
  4. Make sure your diet is as fresh as possible. Eat lots of bright coloured fruits and vegetables. Warming soups with pulses to and body and make you feel full. Take a daily Vit D supplement.
  5. If you can afford to, have a short break to somewhere warm, where there is plenty of sun.
  6. Keep warm. I love layering. Start with a thin slik vest, then a thin polo neck top, or polo or polo neck sweater, then a trick which is fab is to wear a thick cape or poncho over your tops. This really helps keep you warm yet you can move around easily. They can look very stylish, you can get then in fantastic colours, with faux fur trims or pom-poms or just shiek and plain. They can be a real statement piece. Wear bright colours to lift your mood “ look good, feel warm”.

To sum up

  1. Eat well
  2. Keep warm, layer your clothes
  3. exercise
  4. Vit D
  5. SAD light
  6. Sun
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