Share the love this Christmas.

Christmas is not just about presents.

Its going to be tough for many this year. The cost of living crises affects everyone.

Sometimes you just have to say No, I can’t afford certain items that you’d like to gift to your family and friends.

TIPS to help.…….Cards? Really? Not a chance!

– Don’t spend money and postage and cards, its much nicer to call someone, use WhatsApp which is free. Or choose the time when your land line or mobile has the lowest call rate.

– Send an email with a printable design, or photograph that you have done your self.

-Send Christmas style funny videos that you have done your self, these can also be good as a gift. Who says cards and gifts have to be physically tangible

GIFTS.……………..Think Small, Hand Made, Charity Shop, Up-Cycling

Small gifts

– You know the saying “the best things come in small packages. Well that’s gonna have to be true this Christmas! And it saves on wrapping paper!

– Think Small, I mean tiny……….Take a walnut, remove its contents so you just have its shell. Paint it gold or any colour or leave it natural. Then take it to a charity shop and find a piece of jewellery that fits inside. Tie a red ribbon around it……hey presto! Small gift done!

Charity Shops……….I have never seen so many people in charity shops this season, yep we are all doing it. But you must put your creative hat on. Its great if you can find a piece of clothing, scarf or bag that you can up-cycle. To brighten your item go online and buy iron or sew on appliqués, ie, gold stars, ♥️ hearts, flowers etc. Etsy or Amazon are a good places to start looking. Or make your own. When you look in Charity shops, really look in all the corners and rails and shelves in the shop. Find a picture frame you can add your own picture too.

Cooking………… Make little batches of chocolate truffles, flapjacks or what ever else you like, even fairy cakes with crazy coloured icing. line a small box with fun coloured tissue paper and add your home made cookies. Tie a red ribbon around the box and hey presto!

Offering your help……..Make a home made voucher, write on it with what ever kind of help the person may need or want ie, help with the gardening for a month or just a day. Help to clean your car. Help with your shopping, or think of what service or fun time would be suitable as a present.

Spread the Love,

Or simply, draw a picture of a red heart, write on the back how much you love them, put it in a box or envelope. Giving Love is the largest present you can give to someone.

I hope these tips help, please leave any other ideas you may have in the comments box below

Thanks so much

Emma xxx

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