Top 10 Skin Boosting Hacks

Top 10 Skin Boosting Hacks

You may not think I am an expert in skin care, but I am the Founder of Emma Hardie Skin Care and I developed the cult cleansing balm, Moringa Balm.

I have years of expertise in the beauty and wellbeing industry so can help advise you on your skin care, whilst designing my art and fashion line!

Beauty is all in compassing , from your radiant skin to your polished skin to sleek hair to the clothes and accessories you wear. I can help with all of this! I am your one stop shop!

Your 10 most important beauty Hacks for winter.

During winter your body goes into hibernation and all your organs slow down, the heating is turned up, we eat more carbs, exercise less, we lack Vit D and medications it all takes its toll on the skin. The skin looks salllow, slack, dehydrated and enhances dark circles around the eye area. I look at repairing the skin from the inside to the out side.


1. So your Nos 1 beauty hack is simple, Drink more water, it’s good to have it slightly tepid so it doesn’t shock the system. Sip it slowly, gulping can stress the kidneys. Drinking water help hydrate the organs, and it really does plump and help to clarify the skin. Having a hydrated skin helps to draw your moisturiser In at a deeper level. With a dry skin your cream will just sit on the surface.

2. The next most important thing is to help the nervous system and help retain the water in your skin is to increase your intake of essential fatty acids. So eat oily fish, Salmon, sardines, mackerel or nut sand seeds. Or take and extra essential fatty acid Supplement. These essential fats help with stabilising the mood and protect the skin from dehydration. The membrane that surrounds the cell has a high fat content and essential fatty acids help keep up the good fat that surrounds the cell.

3. Try your best to exercise more. If you have been un well or just exhausted, its baby steps first. Just walk around your garden, or around the block. But baby steps every day really does help. I have a neurological pain condition so I use Nordic walking sticks which are great. They help stabilise you and they work your upper body gently. Or just walk every other day. Slowly the colour will come back to to your cheeks and your core will feel stronger , and your posture will become more up right. Exercise really helps boost the whole system and makes the skin glow! Or if you are a gym bunny, your probably burning away, so keep going!

4. Your mood will also have an impact upon your skin. When your mood is low which is so common in winter it’s vital to try and find positives in your life. Find a new hobby, walk a little bit, take time out and focus on your self which is difficult if you are juggling many balls. Stress will show on your face and skin. Take time to practise mindfulness, or meditate. Or focus on your breathing. You can do this when you are watching tele, or having a bath or in the morning whist in bed.



5. The most important part of nurturing your external skin is the cleansing of the skin. WHY?

A good cleanse is not just about wiping away superficial dirt and pollutants, it’s a much deeper process. Spending time cleansing your skin helps to;

-Dislodge the top layer of skin which has been impregnated with dirt, pollution and make up.

– It helps to increase the circulation of all the layers so helping to drain puffiness and increase the hydration of the skin. It helps to smooth away tension from the skin.

-Its increases your skins immune system.

-It helps to unblock pores.

-A proper good cleanse can be done a night.


6 .Exfoliating the skin can help make the skin instantly radiant by sloughing away the grimy uneven layers to bring back brightness and radiance.This is a great process to during the winter months as our skin can become thicker with dry dead skin.


7. Always exfoliate the skin before you apply your mask In winter I loved to use a lovely rich hydrating mask. You can also get masks that you can apply over night.Some times I leave the cream masks on my skin during the day.


8. I do love a facial oil! They are so versatile. Rich, hydrating and nourishing.

– use them under a moisturiser or mix into your moisturiser.—use them on their own.

-They a perfect to give you face a lovely deep facial massage to help tone and bring extra radiance to your skin.

-use an oil every day or just when your skin feels like it.

– Oils are great in these cold months


9. Using all the info above will also help prepare your skin for Spring.

-You will want to bounce into spring looking with a skin that looks dewy, plump and radiant.


10. It’s really worth investing in a professional facial, to jump start your skin and get ready for spring, I would recommend having a facial once a month or every six weeks. They are also hugely relaxing and can help to release tension from the face ,head and neck.

Have fun on your facial Journey!!!

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