The Power of Love

The power of love

I see a light it shines so bright,

I see you there, it feels so right.

You are my one and only love,

Your in my heart and far above.

I see and feel you all around,

You keep me safe and warm and sound.

You gave me so much love abound,

Yet still I feel you on this ground.

I know you’ve gone so way up high,

Yet still I see you in the sky.

I feel your touch most every day,

But still I know you’ve gone away.

The power of love never dies,

Your light doth shine right through my eyes.

My heart will miss you every day,

But your love is always here to stay.

I thankyou for the time we had,

And yes, it‘s true, I feel so sad.

But safe, your soul will always be,

Wrapped in my love for eternity.

Author, Emma Hardie

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