How Art Can Change Your Life

How Art Can Change Your Life.

Art is a like medicine.

I have always been creative.

At school academia was not my thing. All my brothers and sisters did well at school and trotted off to university gaining good degrees.

Expansion of Thought

I went to art school, this taught me how to look at things in different ways which has had many benefits throughout my life as it shows you how to look at something with different view points. I felt grounded my sense of self came to me which I had never really had.

Art is Grounding

Even if you are just doodling your focus is on the doodle or sketch or what ever your are doing. This focuses your mind and allows your left had side of the brain to have a rest. The left hand side of your brain is your rational thinking side. And we all over think things and get stressed etc. So let your hand and arm become loose and allow your hand and pencil to ’Flow‘ across the page. just this action is calming and grounding.

Art is Healing

Whilst working in the beauty industry (I founded a brand of natural skin care called Emma Hardie which is now an established global brand.) I had a severe head injury and developed a neurological disorder which I still have so I had to retire.

My consultant said I had to do art to help my brain rest and heal and to help with the pain condition I now have. I decided to do embroiderey and jewelry making. Over time I felt so much more grounded and I noticed when I was in my studio crafting away it took my focus off the pain. I don’t know what i‘d do without my art. I am in the studio every day.

I have now set up my design business Emma Hardie Designs. Apart from being a business, its is more a way to help heal my neurological pain condition And balances my mental health.


If you suffer with anxiety, stress or any mental health or pain condition, I would advise you to try and do a bit of art, what ever and how basic it is. It awakes senses, is calming, absorbing, tactile and visually engaging and helps with your well being.

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