Colour For Mental Health

Colour for mental health


Every thing in life, in if you think it is solid matter has a physical vibration to it. This includes colour.

Different colours have different vibrations which affect our mind, body and spirit.

The warmer the colour ie reds and oranges the more envigorated we feel. The cooler the colour the more peaceful we feel. Every one needs a combination of colours in their life.

If you live in the Uk you will notice that the general quality of our light is on the cooler side. So surrounding your self with warmer tones of colour is vital. This can be in the clothes you wear, the colour of your room and the accessories you have in your room , ie cushions or art and curtains.

Every thing is about balance. If you are feeling anxious or stressed surround yourself with cooler colours. And if you are feeling sluggish, wear a pop of vibrant colour.

I have created this image above to help balance your mood. Look at it every day and see which area you naturally focus on. I find that if I feel stressed I tend to focus on the cooler colours, and if I feel tired I focus on the warmer colours. I don‘t think about the process, I just naturally allow my vision to tune into the colours I need to balance me.


There are two more aspects to this image I will share with you in my next post!

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