Butterfly Girl Necklace Soft Pink


This hand-embroidered Butterfly Girl Necklace is part of my flower girl collection. I love working from one image and taking it across different themes. The clasp is made of 925 sterling silver in the shape of a flower and embellished with Swarovski crystals and silver balls.

- Pinks, reds and green satin threads have been used.
- This necklace is a micro version of my large Butterfly Girl Portrait.
- She is embellished with gold and silver thread.
- With a slightly raised face.
- Backed with soft faux suede.

Are you looking for an incredible local artist or jewellery designer? Emma Hardie designs an eclectic array of hand-embroidered necklaces for women, this stunning and artistic flower girl necklace is one of a few fabric necklaces from Emmas' bespoke and handmade necklaces collection

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