Gold and Blue Embroidered Etruscan Style Cuff Bracelet


- This Stunning gold, turquoise and purple hand embroidered Cuff Bracelet, is influenced by the intricate gold work achieved by the truly talented Etruscans.

- With added turquoise and deep purple inlay, This Gold cuff really stands out.

- Four individual panels are linked together with a satin-like blue chord made of three strands.

The backing is made from soft blue felt.

- A gold wire coil slides up the chord ensuring a perfect fit for different wrist sizes.

- Each chord is finished with an antiqued gold-coloured rams head.

- This piece of jewellery can be worn on bare skin or over the cuff of a shirt

Handmade bohemium jewellery, unlike any other. Emma Hardie Designs features cuff bracelets for women, from rhinestone-encrusted cuff bracelets to luxury silk bangles in rich green and pink tones. This exquisite collection of cuffs for women enhances any outfit and injects your personality into your look. Click here to explore all bracelets.

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