Golden Luxury Lips Necklace


A beautiful hand embroidered Luxury gold necklace with raised and padded lips in the centre.

- The lips are surrounded by a sun-like halo of gold, purple and pink embroidered panels creating a unique frame for the lips.
- And a delicate rose-coloured stone in the clasp.
- This necklace looks beautiful on and light weight.
- Sophistcated, luxury.

Jewellery designer Emma Hardie creates an eclectic array of necklaces that are all handmade and marvellous. This luxurious, fabric necklace for women is one of a few highly exclusive designs from Emma's bespoke and handmade necklace collection - explore more here.

If you are interested in having your own textile necklace commissioned, email Emma here. Or call the studio on 07767 416558 to book an appointment. 

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