Hand Embroidered Butterfly Girl (Original) 79 x 62 x 10cm


This stunning picture of The Butterfly Girl is densely embroidered with a rich mixture of richly coloured satin and gold threads.

-She is bejewelled with a beautiful butterfly necklace made from green and clear Swarovski Crystals.
-Her shoulders are adorned with a trail of green, gold and crystal leaves.
- The picture is padded to give a three-dimensional look.
-She is set into a deep slate grey frame which makes the colours jump out.
-This is a unique and stunning piece of art which is is serious head-turner for any room.

Buy framed art that no one else will have, and add a dreamlike vision to your living room, bedroom or snug here. The perfect gift for her, or gift for him! So thoughtful and certainly not something they will already have. A gift for the person who has everything. 

Thinking about your own art commission? Your own idea brought to life and hung on your wall - email Emma today or ring up for a bespoke artwork appointment. Ring now. 


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