Hand Embroidered Norfolk Terrier Portrait Framed (Original) 44 x 44 x 12cm


This sumptuous Norfolk Terrier has been richly hand embroidered in an Elizabethan dress. She has been printed on soft velvet and her dress and veil have been densely embroidered in a soft palette of colours. Lashings of gold thread give a feel of richness and royalty to her.

- I have embroidered a beautiful surround of lilies.
- With a Swarovski Crystal crown and a pearl necklace.
- She looks like a true royal.
- The picture is padded to give her a 3D look.
-The picture is surrounded by a chunky slate grey painted frame. Which makes the picture truly rich and beautiful.
- This totally unique artwork is Ideal for dog owners, or someone who would like a dog but doesn't have one.

Prints and artwork for canine lovers. Regal Norfolk Terrier Portraits look exceptionally inviting in any home. Handcrafted art pieces for your favourite rooms. You can now buy Emma's high-quality artwork online, lovingly crafted and framed, especially for you from the heart of Oxford. Explore all of our pieces here.


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