Hand Embroidered Purple Butterfly Cuff Bracelet


A stunning hand-embroidered cuff bracelet- Intricate, dense and stunning embroidery of the cuff adds to the luxury ok of the cuff. With a hint of gold thread. A golden-coloured clasp magnetic clasp with twinkling crystals accentuates the beauty of the embroidery and gives it an extra wow factor. The cuff is backed with faux suede.

Handmade bohemium jewellery by an independent jewellery designer: this collection features cuff bracelets for women. There are many unique designs for ladies such as The Gold Etruscan Cuff Bracelet or The Luxury Velvet Peony Cuff. This excellent collection of unusual cuffs for women adds vibrance to any outfit and injects individuality into any outfit. You can explore all of our cuffs and bracelets here.

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