Hand Embroidered Tiger necklace


This is a unique hand-embroidered tiger necklace. Using a blend of satin threads to create a realistic look.

- Encrusted with Rhinestones and Swarovski crystals for that extra sparkle.
- The tiger has its mouth open with a pink tongue poking out.
- The tongue is encrusted with rhinestones.
- Rhinestone neck chain with silver ball magnetic clasp to fasten.

Emma Hardie is an Oxford-based jewellery designer and artist, you can explore her amazing array of handmade and embroidered necklaces for women now. These necklaces make a great eclectic gift for unique fashion lovers. Jewellery and gifts by artists - available online, delivered to your door. 

For your very own handmade necklace, designed and created for you, call Emma now to book an appointment or email your interest using these contact details or the form below:
(If you do not want your own design commissioned just add the gorgeous tiger necklace to your cart using the button above and check out for home delivery!)

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