Luxury Gold Hand Embroidered Etruscan Necklace


This Gold Etruscan-style necklace has been densely hand embroidered with gold thread, giving it a sophisticated, luxurious feel.

- The centre square has an embroidered butterfly and floral motif, with flowers in oval shapes.
-The necklace is embellished with Large Swarovski crystals.
- A green agate cabochon stone set in a gold flower motif fastening.

These hand-crafted necklaces make a great gift for her and add colour and luxe to any outfit. Emma specialises in hand-embroidered jewellery. This stunning necklace collection for ladies is entirely unique and this unusual Egyptian style necklace is made through complete creative passion, to experience more bespoke jewellery made in Oxford, look around The Necklace Collection. 

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