Welcome to an Explosion of Colour & Quirkiness!

Emma’s designs are one of a kind. They are Unique, Passionate, Colourful, Jewel Like, Full of Texture and High Quality.

Designs For Sale

You can purchase Emma’s designs from the website and from her studio boutique in Oxford. Click below for address details.

Emma’s Process

Emma starts with a design that she has created then applies it across different mediums to create cohesive collections. One design can be transformed into and embroidered cuff bracelet, to a mug, piece of art, print, cards and clothing. Emma loves working her magic on a jacket! Emma’s work is detailed and thorough. Emma loves using hand embroidery and embellishments in her work. She believes in quality over quantity.

Emma Works from her Boutique Gallery in her garden studio based in Oxford, which is open to the public, it really is worth a visit!

Emma offers a commission service, clients bring her their jackets and clothes to be transformed. One of Emma’s passions turning your pet into a stunning portrait. Emma will take a photograph of your pet or work from a clients photograph. Then transforms it into a piece of art or cushion.

How it all Started

After art school, Emma went to work with iconic interior designer Jocasta Innes, who pioneered the 1980s trend for decorative painted finishes on walls, floors, furniture and textiles. This fuelled Emma’s passion for colour, texture and design. She also fell in love with gilding which has inspired her use of gold in her present day work.​

Using her unique eye, creativity and technical skill, she decorated David Bowie’s and Elton John’s suite at the Savoy. Emma specialised in painting large stunning murals, restoring and re-decorating furniture. Emma also ran paint finish workshops all over the country.

Emma and Jocasta were at the for front of “up-cycling”. And were the first to create a series of television shows demonstrating decorative paint techniques for all aspects of the home. Then the craze of DIY home interior programs came along which has now spread into gardens.

Emma Hardie Skin Care

At the height of her design career, Emma contracted the debilitating virus Epstein-Barr, she collapsed and decided to change her career. After focusing on her health, natural healing and the restorative benefits of plants, Emma re-trained in health and beauty and designed her signature “Natural Sculpt and lift facial” with rave reviews from the national and global press.

Emma then launched her award-winning natural skincare brand Emma Hardie Amazing Face. Emma’s Moringa Cleansing Balm quickly achieved cult celebrity status and is a global bestseller. Emma’s iconic facial became a celebrity “must have” Emma’s interest in faces and plants shines through in her present-day designs.

Once A Designer Always A Designer

Emma, whilst working in the beauty industry suffered a severe head injury. She had to step back from the day-to-day running of Amazing Face. Emma’s cranial consultant advised Emma to go back to her art and design to help with pain reduction and to help re balance the brain. Emma taught her self how to do intricate and detailed embroidery which features in many of her clothes, art, jewellery and accessories.

Boutique Gallery

Emma has now set up her art and design studio in Oxford. From here, she works and retails her high-quality, vibrant pieces of jewellery, fashion pieces, accessories, decorative pieces for the home and art for private and public places. Emma also offers a bespoke service designing and creating specific pieces for her clients. Emma’s studio is open to the public, so come and see her work.

An Explosion Of Colour, Passion & Quality

Emma’s designs are Unique, Quirky, Passionate, Colourful, Jewel like, full of Texture and high quality. She believes is small collections and not mass. Emma takes her inspiration from places such as the ancient world and strong designers such as Dolce and Gabbana and Alexander Mc Queen, to name but a few. The artist, Klimt features in some of her works. Emma also has a passion for exploring the detailed textures and the structures in nature. The quality of quirkiness in Emma’s work was partly inspired by working in high-end beauty and fashion for so many years. Here, Emma’s eye was drawn into the wonderful, often eccentric, exotic and flamboyant world of haute couture where designers dare to break barriers. But to be honest, colour and quirkiness with a hint of flamboyance has always run through Emma’ veins.

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